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Free Demo Download

You can download the Free Demo version of AnyPortrait from this page.

After reading all the instructions, you can download it from the link at the bottom.

There are differences in features and policies from the full version sold on the Asset Store.

After installing the demo version, you can upgrade by purchasing the full version.​

How to install demo version

1. Download the Unitypackage file from the link at the bottom of this web page.
2. Install and run Unity 5.5.4 or later. Compatible with Unity 2022, the latest version.
3. Create a Unity project or run an existing project.

4. Execute the downloaded Unitypackage file or drag & drop it to the Unity editor's Project area.

5. A window to import Unitypackage opens. With all selected, click the Import button.

6. AnyPortrait demo version has been installed.
In the AnyPortrait/Demo/ folder, there are scenes that tell the tutorial.
​You can open these scenes to see the tutorial results.

7. "Window > AnyPortrait" in the menu has been added. You can run the editor by selecting the 2D Editor menu.

The functions of the menu can be checked in the following manual.

AnyPortrait menu in Unity Editor ]

8. This is the screen where AnyPortrait demo version is executed.

​You can open the Asset Store page to purchase the full version by pressing the "AssetStore" button on the start screen.

Limitations and Policies

The difference between the full version and the demo version that is actually released is as follows.

(As of July 23, 2023)

- Screen capture is limited.
- Unable to add Physics modifier. Editing and execution are possible for apPortrait which has already been added.
- PSD files can be imported, but re-importing modified PSD files is limited.
- Up to 2 Control Parameters can be added. If it has already been added, you can edit it.
- Up to 2 Animation Clips can be added. If it has already been added, you can edit and run it.
- Every time you run it, a dialog will open indicating that it is a demo version.
- You can save the Backup file, but you cannot open the Backup file and load it into Unity.
- Optimized Bake is limited.
- Jiggle Bone is limited.
- Bone IK controller is limited.
- Duplicating of Bones is limited.
- Duplicating of Mesh groups is limited.
- Duplicating of Animations is limited according to the number.
- Duplicating of Meshes and Sub-Mesh Groups within a mesh group is limited.
- "Migrate" of mesh groups is limited.

The disclaimer and usage policy for the distribution of the demo version are as follows.

- Even if the full version is updated and features are added or problems are resolved, they may not be applied in the demo version.
- The version update of the demo version may differ from the full version.
- Users are allowed to create commercial content using the demo version.
- It is not possible to redistribute the source code of the demo version as it is or after modification.
- We are not responsible for any disadvantages caused by problems while using the demo version.
- We can respond to inquiries and reports that occur during use. However, the answer is based on the full version.
- The demo version is based on being used for experience purposes.
- There is no limit on the usage period of the demo version.

Upgrade by purchasing the full version

You can upgrade the demo version to the full version by purchasing AnyPortrait from Unity's Asset Store.

Some files are not compatible, so you can install the package according to the following method.

After purchasing AnyPortrait from the Unity Asset Store, download and import the package.

[ Go to purchase the full version (Asset Store) ]

Installing the package replaces the demo package with the full version, overwriting the files in the demo package.
At this time, an error will occur due to the remaining files of the demo version.

Delete the "AnyPortrait_DEMO.dll" and "AnyPortrait_DEMO_Editor.dll" files in the "AnyPortrait/Assets/Scripts/" folder.

If you run AnyPortrait now, you can see that it has been changed to the official version.


Copyright (c) RainyRizzle Inc. All Rights Reserved.

All versions of AnyPortrait are copyrighted by RainyRizzle Inc.
Distribution outside of this page and the Unity Asset Store is prohibited.
Modification and redistribution of any source code marked with a license is prohibited.
The rights to all commercial works using AnyPortrait belong to the creators of the works.
Example images and results, including tutorials, are copyrighted by RainyRizzle Inc., and distribution is prohibited.
All licenses related to AnyPortrait's copyright and distribution follow the EULA of Unity Asset Store.
For other license inquiries, please contact the representative (Seungjik Lee:
Violation of the above may result in legal liability.

For the open sources included in AnyPortrait, the license is directly marked inside the editor.

​Download Demo

You can download the demo version of AnyPortrait from the following link.

By clicking the download button, you agree to all of the above.

- Windows, Mac OS support

- Unity 5.5.4 or later version

- Build version: December 8, 2023 v1.4.8 - Compatible with full version v1.4.8

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