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Free Demo Download

You can download a free demo version of AnyPortrait from this page.

After reading all the instructions, you can download from the link at the bottom.

There are differences between the full version and functions and policies sold in the Asset Store.

After installing the demo version, it is possible to upgrade and purchase the full version.

How to install demo version

1. Download the Unitypackage file from the link at the bottom of this web page.

2. Install and run Unity 5.5.4 or later. Compatible with the latest version, Unity 2018.

3. Create a Unity project or run an existing project.

4. Drag and drop the downloaded Unitypackage file into the Project area of Unity Editor.

5. A window opens to import the Unitypackage. With all selected, press the Import button.

6. AnyPortrait demo version is now installed.

There are three scenes in the AnyPortrait/Demo/ folder that tell you the tutorial.

You can open these scenes to see the tutorial output.

7. "Window> AnyPortrait" menu has been added. You can run the editor by selecting the 2D Editor menu.

The functions of the menu are as follows.

1) 2D Editor : Run the main editor of AnyPortrait.

2) Editor Reset : This function is used when there is a problem in the editor. Reset the operation of AnyPortrait.

3) Homepage : Access the homepage through Internet browser.

4) Getting Started : A web page opens with a guide for those new to using AnyPortrait.

5) Scripting : A web page with script API for controlling AnyPortrait is opened.

6) Update Log : A pop-up opens to inform you of changes in the current version.

7) Report a Bug or Suggestion : A web page will open to report bugs or enhancements.

8. This is the screen where the demo version of AnyPortrait is executed.

You can open the Asset Store page to purchase the full version by clicking the "AssetStore" button on the start page.

Features and policies restricted by the demo version

The demo version differs in function from the full version.

(As of June 18, 2018)

1. You can not use the Capture function to create a thumbnail or take a screenshot.

2. Physic modifiers can not be added. The already added apPortrait can be edited and executed.

3. The ability to open the PSD file and create an Atlas is not available.

4. Up to 2 Control Parameters can be added. If it has already been added, you can edit it.

5. You can add up to 2 Animation Clips. If already added, you can edit and run it.

6. Each time you run it, a dialog will appear informing you that it is a demo version.

7. You can save the backup file, but you can not open the backup file and load it into Unity.

8. Only three tutorial demo scenes are provided.

In addition to features, the demo version also has some policy differences.

1. The full version has been updated to add functionality or fix the problem, but it may not be applied in the demo version.

2. The refresh rate for the demo version is very long.

3. Developing a commercial version using the demo version is allowed without additional conditions.

4. We will not be held responsible for any disadvantages caused by problems encountered while using the demo version.

5. We can answer inquiries and suggestions that occur during use. However, it is applied to full version first.

6. The demo version is intended to be a functional experience before it is a free version.

7. There is no limit to the duration of the demo version.

Purchase and upgrade the full version

You can upgrade your demo version to the full version by purchasing AnyPortrait from Unity's Asset Store.

Since all files are incompatible, you can install the package in the following way.

After you purchase AnyPortrait from the Unity Asset Store, download and install the package.

When you install the package, the demo version changes to the full version, overwriting the files in the demo package.

At this time, the remaining files of the demo version will cause an error.

Delete the AnyPortrait_DEMO.dll file and the AnyPortrait_DEMO_Editor.dll file in the AnyPortrait/Assets/Scripts/ folder.

Now you can see that AnyPortrait has been upgraded to full version.


Copyright (c) 2017-2018. RainyRizzle[Seungjik Lee]. All Rights Reserved.

All versions of the files for AnyPortrait are copyrighted by RainyRizzle.

Deployment from this page and from outside of Unity AssetStore is prohibited.

Modifications and redistributions of any source code licensed are prohibited.

The rights of any commercial work using AnyPortrait are reserved to the author of the work.

RainyRizzle has copyrighted work for example images and results, including tutorials, and distribution is prohibited.

AnyPortrait's copyright, distribution and all related licenses are subject to the Unity AssetStore EULA.

For other license inquiries, please contact RainyRizzle head (Seungjik Lee :

If you violate the above, you may be held liable.

For the open source included in AnyPortrait, the license is written directly in the editor.


You can download the demo version of AnyPortrait from the following link.

By clicking the download button, you agree to the above.

- Windows, Mac OSX support

- Unity 5.5.4 or later versions

- Build version: June 18, 2018 v1.0.5 - Compatible with full version v1.0.5

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