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Make Character Animations in Unity!


AnyPortrait is a Unity asset for creating 2D character animations.

Create and edit character animations right in Unity.

No need to import and convert external files!


Create a character's expression

by combining parameters!

You can control a character's facial expression, posture, image transformation, etc. in a complex way

using the "Control Parameter" and "Modifier" system.

By adding a C# script,

you can control your character in a game play!


Skeletal animation for games

With AnyPortrait, you can make "Skeletal Animation",

the most used animation method in games.

Add bones and connect them to meshes,

then start making animations.

You can see your character running and jumping!

​Easy to create physics effects using Jiggle Bones

Easily apply "Jiggle Bone" with a few clicks!

Get cool physics bones that dynamically move

as your character moves in the game.


"IK Controller" allows

you to create a character

that looks or aims

in the direction entered

by the player.


Many features

Detailed manual

There are so many convenient features ready.

Animation techniques, optimization, usage in games, linkage with Unity...

Check out all the information in the carefully written manual!

AnyPortrait is getting faster and faster.

RainyRizzle team has reviewed and improved all the code continuously

to improve AnyPortrait's performance.

Please update to the latest version.

AnyPortrait is a bit faster than before.


3D World

Universal Render Pipeline



and More

AnyPortrait is compatible with various features of Unity.

Try to use AnyPortrait for various types of projects!

Complete your work with AnyPortrait!

Get licenses, including commercial, with one purchase.*

RainyRizzle team will continue to support your projects.

*Extension Asset License of the Unity Asset Store.

You must purchase one asset per individual user,

and there is no additional cost after purchase.

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