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AnyPortrait > Video Tutorials

These tutorials are in video format.

These tutorials have been uploaded to YouTube.

The default voice language of images is English, and English and Korean subtitles are provided.

1. The process of making a Slime

This is a video about Getting Started 1.

Let's learn basic usage while viewing documents and videos together.

2. The process of making a Character

This is a video about Getting Started 2.

You can learn the Bone setup and Keyframe animation.

3. The character with facial expressions


It is the video which makes mascot of AnyPortrait.

Let's create various expressions using control parameters.

Some basic information is omitted.

4. Connect a character to the game

Let's learn how to connect with games using animated events and sockets.
Includes simple scripts.

5. Create a Runner Game

Let's create an animation for the run game.

It contains basic information on how to create animations such as standing, running, and jumping, as well as script control.

(Run game scripts can be found in the package.)

6. The Animated Illustration

It contains the process of making wonderful scenes by the animated illustration.

This video includes bone animation, control parameters, and color animation.

You can create a finished animation without any other script.

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