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Update Notes | v1.0.0 ~ v1.1.5



(Build December 24, 2018)

Fixed Issues

- Fixed an issue where the feature to change the default depth of meshes or sub mesh groups does not work.



(Build December 18, 2018)

New Key Features

- Extra Option has been added to change the rendering order or to switch the image of the mesh in real time without a script. (Related Page)

Improved Features

- If the characters use the same Shader and Texture, they are merged into one material to reduce the Draw Call.

- Added "Refresh Meshes" button to refresh mesh in Inspector UI.

- Added functions to control the material of the mesh. (Related Page)

- In the upper UI, "Object Information UI unnecessary for the current situation" does not appear.

Fixed Issues

- Fixed an issue where Draw Call Batching does not work normally.

- Fixed an issue where the draw call became too large when using a script function to control the material in batch.

- Fixed an issue where the parent mesh group would appear in the list of dialogs when adding a sub-mesh group to the mesh group.



(Build November 15, 2018)

Improved Features

- With GPU acceleration for the Screen Capture, processing speed and quality are improved. (Mac OSX not supported)

- The Resolution Limitation of the Screen Capture function is eliminated, so you can create images or movies higher than the HD resolution.

- When a new update version comes out, a dialog box appears allowing you to go directly to the Asset Store.

- Added menu to go directly to Asset Store.

Fixed Issues

- Fixed an issue that the "Update log" dialog does not link to the Japanese homepage.

- Fixed an issue that background transparency was not handled correctly when using the Screen Capture.



(Build November 8, 2018)

New Key Features

- Capture screen and save as MP4 video file has been added.  (Related Page)

Improved Features

- Unity 2018's Lightweight Render Pipeline is supported.  (Related Page)

- When exporting to an animated GIF file, you can set the GIF quality in 4 levels.

- When exporting to an animated GIF file, the quality of the Maximum level is slightly improved.

- Added Script API for Animation playback.  (Related Page)

- The ability to change the scene's Ambient Light setting has been added in the Bake dialog. (Related Page)

- If the language is set to Japanese, if you select menu, Japanese homepage opens.

- Changed the Editing mode to start automatically in all the process of registering the object in a Modifier.

Fixed Issues

- Fixed an issue where the clipping mask was not correctly calculated depending on the angle of the camera when rendering from a perspective camera.

- Fixed an issue where Blend function calculates weights strangely when doing rigging.

- Changed the editor to terminate automatically when artificially modifying the resource path of AnyPortrait.

- Fixed a problem where Bone was moved to the mouse position as soon as you clicked the Bone's default position.



(Build October 11, 2018)

Fixed Issues

- Fixed an issue where the position or rotation value changed abnormally when linking bones.



(Build October 7, 2018)

New Key Features

- Generating Meshes Automatically is added. (Related page)

- Mirror tool for editing meshes added. (Related page)

- Added the ability to edit mesh vertices. (Related page)

- Perspective camera is supported, and a Billboard option for this function is added. (Related page)

- "Pirate Game 3D" demo scene, which is the 3D version of "Pirate Game", is added.

- When controlling animations as scripts, "SetAnimationSpeed" functions have been added to set the speed of animation. (Related page)

Improved Features

- When creating meshes, if you press the Ctrl key (Command key on Mac OSX), the cursor snaps to the nearest vertex.

- When creating a mesh, if you press the Shift key and click a edge, a vertex is added on the edge.

- Make Mesh UI changed.

- You can change the Shadow setting (Receive Shadow, Cast Shadow) in the Bake setting.

- Bake dialog UI changed.

- Inspector UI changed.

- You can open the editor directly from the Inspector, and you can also bake it right away.

- Modifiers and Bones can be added to Child Mesh Groups, and the Parent Mesh Group can control them.

- A menu to open "Q & A Web page" is added.

Fixed Issues

- Fixed an issue where polygons are not generated properly when making a mesh.

- Fixed an issue where animations set to low speed or low FPS would not play smoothly.

- Fixed an issue where Hierarchy was not updated when deleting animations.

- Fixed an issue where Clipping Mask did not work intermittently when playing game.

- Fixed an issue where the IK setting of the first bone was disabled when creating a sequence in succession.

- Fixed an issue where data was intermittently missing when manually saving backups.

- Fixed an error when controlling the control parameters in the Inspector.

- Fixed an issue where thumbnails are output abnormally in the iOS development environment.

- Fixed an issue where animated clips were continuously created unnecessarily when using Optimized Bake while using Mecanim.



(Build August 6, 2018)

Fixed Issues

- Fixed an issue where bake would fail if rigging had a weight of zero or no bone was specified.

- Bake is possible even when the sum of rigging weights is less than 1, and the change is made so that Normalize is not forced.

- Fixed an issue where the AnyPortrait_FULL.dll file did not support iOS.

- We have been able to fix these problems by quickly identifying the problem with a lot of people's feedback. Thank you.



(Build July 14, 2018)

New Key Features

- Added the Re-importing a PSD file. (Related page)

Improved Features

- When importing PSD files, texture assets have been changed so that they are not compressed by default.

- When importing a PSD file, you can resize the mesh group. (Related page)

- You can move or zoom the screen by pressing Ctrl + Alt + mouse drag in the dialog to import or re-import the PSD file.

- To solve the problem that the UI at the top is not displayed at all when the width is less than 1920px, the function group folding function of the upper UI has been added. (Related page)

- When you drag the screen, the mouse cursor appears as a hand.

- You can decide whether to check the latest version in the editor setting dialog box.

Fixed Issues

- Fixed an intermittent script error when editing animation.

- Fixed an issue where Rigging weights were not normalized or invalid when passing bake to scene.

- Fixed an issue where importing a PSD image as an empty mesh layer was recognized as a mesh group.

- Fixed an issue where the importing PSD file dialog only appeared in English, regardless of the language setting.

- Fixed an error when checking the latest version.



(Build June 16, 2018)

Fixed Issues

- Fixed an issue where Mac OSX does not run due to a script error in apEditorUtil.cs.



(Build June 10, 2018)

New Key Features

- Animation can be controlled by Unity Mecanim. (Related page)

- Added IK Controller with control by external bones. (Related page)

- Mirror Copying Bones is possible, and you can import it in the Mirrored Pose. (Mirror Bone /Pose with Mirror Bones)

- 2-Sided Rendering can be set in the mesh setting. (Related page)

- Added the 7th Demo Scene with 1.0.4 new features. (Related page)

Improved Features

- Onion Skin has been improved to change color, rendering method, rendering order, and to output continuous frames during animation. (Related page)

- Bone IK has become natural.

- Added Auto-Key function to automatically generate keyframes when animating. (Related page)

- Ctrl + Alt (Command + Alt in OSX) and mouse drag to move or zoom in and out.

- If you create a bone while holding down the Ctrl key, you can make it in 8 directions.

- Immediately after the mesh is added, it automatically switches to the Setting tab.
- A button has been added at the top of the screen to change "Mesh Visibility". (Related page)
- 2 script functions to control bones have been added. (Related page)
- When the new version of AnyPortrait is updated, the first screen informs you.

- Pressing the Ctrl key (Command key in OSX) changes the color of the buttons with the function that can be set. (Related page)

- The title image of AnyPortrait has been added to the Demo folder.

Fixed Issues
- Fixed an issue where vertex colors were not rendered properly when setting the Physics modifier of the clipped meshes.
- Fixed an issue where meshes without Rigging could not be processed properly after bake.
- Fixed an issue where some text was not translated in the Bake dialog.
- Fixed an issue where Depth would bake strangely when creating a nested mesh group when importing PSD files.
- Fixed an issue where meshes were generated strangely when creating Atlas of 4096 resolution in PSD files.
- Fixed an issue where the Morph (Animation) modifier was not handled correctly when running animations.

- We would like to thank all of you for reporting these issues!



(April 14, 2018 build)

- Significant improvements in Screen Capture. (Related Page)

- Transparent color can be specified as background color (Except GIF animation).

- Added ability to save Sprite Sheet.

- Screen capture Dialog is deleted and moved to the right screen to improve.

- Support screen capture on Mac OSX.

- Improved Physics Effects.

- Corrected incorrectly calculated inertia when moving from outside. (Please see the related page and edit settings.)

- Modify the gizmo to be inverted if the scale of the object is negative.

- When replacing the texture of the mesh, Script Functions that can be replaced with an image registered in AnyPortrait has been added. (Related Page)

- Fixed an issue that caused data errors to occur when undoing after creating or deleting objects.

- Fixed a problem that when importing animation pose, data is missing while generating timeline automatically.

- Fixed an issue where other vertices were selected when using the FFD tool.

- Fixed an issue where vertex positions would be strange when undoing when using FFD tool.

- Fixed an issue where the modifier did not recognize that the mesh was deleted, resulting in error code output.

- Fixed an issue where the clipping mesh would not render properly if the Important option was turned off

- Fixed an issue where sub-mesh groups could not generate clipping meshes.

- Fixed a problem where deleted mesh and mesh groups appeared as GameObjects.

- Fixed a problem where the script does not change the texture of the mesh.

- The prefab edited in the editor will be in Disconnected state. (Related Page)​



(March 27, 2018 Build)

- Fixed an issue where the bake could no longer be done with an error message if the mesh was modified after bake.

- Fixed an issue where the backup file could not be opened.

- Fixed a problem where rendering can not be done if Scale has negative value.

- Improved Modifier Lock function. You can see the contents on related page.

- Fixed an issue that the modifier is unlocked and multi-processing does not work properly.

- Added Sorting Layer / Order function. You can set it in the Bake dialog, Inspector. (Related page)

- Sorting Layer / Order values ​​can be changed by script. (Related page)

- If the target GameObject is Prefab, it is changed to apply automatically when Bake is done. This applies even if it is not Prefab Root.

- Fixed a bug in the number of error messages that users informed. Thank you.

- Fixed an error when importing a PSD file and a process failure.

- Fixed a problem where the shape of a character is distorted if Bake is continued.



(March 18, 2018 Build)

- Supports Linear Color Space. You can select Gamma and Linear Color Space in the image settings and Bake settings.

- You can set the compression method and mipmap of the Texture Asset directly in the image settings.

- You can find instructions on Linear Color Space and Texture Asset on a related page.

- Added Italian and Polish.

- Some words that do not fit in the UI have been changed.



(March 8, 2018 Build)

- The release version.