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Update Notes | v1.1.8



(Build September 8, 2019)

Improved Features

Rigging Modifier has been improved and added various features. (Rigging Modifier / Rigging in various cases)

  • The Slider UI to modify weights is added.

  • "Lock function" to restrict weight edits by other bones is added.

  • "Brush Mode" to edit weights using the mouse is added.

  • The function to select vertices rigged by the current bone.

  • The function to copy the rigging weights of multiple vertices based on position.

  • "Auto-Rig" is greatly improved.

  • The rigging weight of vertices is renderable as a shape of a pie-chart.


- The option to render clipping meshes in LWRP (Lightweight Render Pipeline) is added. (Related Page)

- The LWRP 2D material package is added in Material Library. (Related Page)

- You can set whether the color of newly added bone is similar to the color of the parent bone in the Setting dialog. (Related Page)

- The function to Snap the end of a bone to a child bone is added. (Related Page)

- The function to duplicate a bone is added. (Related Page)

- "LookAt" method of IK Controller works even for one bone or bone for which IK chain is not set. (Related Page)

- You can hide the left and right UI, and the UI design that can fold the right UI up and down has been improved. (Related Page)

- Sorting Group is supported. (Related Page)

- An option for setting "Sorting Order" is added, and a related script function is added. (Bake Dialog / Initialization, Basic Settings)

- When changing the mesh group that is the target of an animation clip, if the parent mesh group is selected, the animation data is migrated without initializing. (Related Page)

Fixed Issues

- A bug that the Modifier's Extra option and Animation Events would not be duplicated when cloning animations is fixed.

Documentation Changes / Developer Comments

- A document that how to create materials using Shader Graph is added. (Related Page)

- A more detailed tutorial document about Rigging is added. (Related Page)

- Some missing descriptions of script functions that control the material of meshes are fixed. (Related Page)

- A code example about "_FadeValue" in the Material Library document is added. (Related Page)

In AnyPortrait v1.1.8, the Rigging Modifier has been improved.

A variety of tools have been added for those who are having a lot of trouble with Rigging task.

You'll be able to significantly reduce your work time by using the "Brush mode", Auto-Rigging, position-based copying and etc.

As Unity's version is constantly updated, various technologies, including LWRP, are rapidly being introduced.

Applying new features may take a while, but we will try to apply them.

We are well aware of many questions about whether AnyPortrait can be used in real projects.

So, our team is planning a project that actually uses AnyPortrait to make games.

Our own feedback in the process of making the game will be a good opportunity to take AnyPortrait to the next level.


Of course, we will continue to update AnyPortrait.

Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, or any problems.

We will do our best to help you.

The next version will be updated to resolve the latest requirements by users.
Thank you for always.

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