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Update Notes | v1.2.0



(Build October 28, 2019)

Improved Features

- VR is supported. (Build to VR)

  • Material presets to support Unity's VR are added.

  • Bake option for rendering in Unity's VR is added.

  • The processing of clipping meshes is improved.

  • Two functions (FindRenderingCamerasAutomatically, SetRenderingCameras) are added. (Related page)

  • Bake option to enable rendering on multiple cameras for custom VR is added.

- Rendering by specifying a Render Texture to the camera's Target Texture property is available. (Rendering to Render Texture)

  • Material preset with Keep Alpha parameter to render on a Render Texture with transparent and translucent backgrounds is added.

  • The clipping mask is now rendered properly even with the render texture turned on.

- Billboard is not applied in the Bake process but only applied while the game is running.

Fixed Issues

- A bug where the "animation clip save path for mecanim" would not save properly if there was a white space in the path is fixed.

- A bug that does not work properly when the size is 2 when modifying the size of the custom FFD is fixed.

- A bug where you could not control a bone immediately after it is detached from the parent is fixed.

- A bug where functions that control meshes such as SetMeshImageAll and SetMeshColorAll do not work properly is fixed.

(Note: To fix this bug, you must run Bake more than once after updating to v1.2.0.)

Developer Comments

This release focuses on issues related to the rendering pipeline, including VR.

The result of simulating including VR and Render Textures will be different depending on which environment or device,

so our testing process after the basic implementation took quite a while.

Because we couldn't test it on every device and environment on the market,

even after the update, we think, this issue will need additional support.

If you have any problems with this, please feel free to contact us.

We have noticed that users are using AnyPortrait in a variety of ways than we expected.

We are constantly improving based on feedback to apply Unity's various features and techniques.

We have almost achieved our planned initial update roadmap,

we are currently working on Unity's latest technology and support for your projects.

Of course, there are still some important feedbacks left and we will do our best to continue development.

In this update, we've changed the image in the Asset Store for Halloween.

We hope you enjoyed it.

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