Update Notes | v1.2.2


(Build January 31, 2020)

Improved Features

- The features to duplicate a mesh and a mesh group are added. (Duplicating a Mesh / Duplicating a Mesh Group)

- The features to duplicate sub-objects (meshes and sub-mesh groups) or migrate them to another mesh group are added. (Related page)

- When editing curves in batches with multiple keyframes selected, "Previous / Between / Next" are can be edited separately. (Related page)

- Clicking the header of the Timeline UI holding down the Ctrl and Shift keys moves the time slider to that location. (Related page)

- The function is added that releases the limitation of the keyframe's rotation angle. (Related page)

- Editor performance has been improved further.

- When running on macOS for the first time, a guide message related to Metal appears.

- The number of bones is added in the Statistics output.

- Clicking the Auto-Rig button of the Rigging modifier with holding Ctrl key (Command key in macOS), the dialog to select the bones that will be targets appears. (Related page)

- When opening a dialog to select a texture of the image, the process is changed to load texture assets sequentially.

- The material presets to support Universal Render Pipeline (URP), which is introduced in Unity 2019.3, are added. (Related page)

- You can move, rotate, or resize an object by pressing the Arrow keys (or press Shift and the Arrow keys). (Related page)

- When using the FFD tool, you can press Enter key to apply or Esc key to cancel.

- The function is added that changes the image properties in batches when the Color Space is different between the Bake setting and some images.

- Internal process has been improved to handle "undo" or "redo" more accurately when adding or deleting objects.

- The menu is added to go to the Advanced Manual page. (Window > AnyPortrait > Advanced Manual)

Fixed Issues

- The bug is fixed that caused an intermittent error log when scrolling in Hierarchy UI.

- The bug is fixed that "Quick Bake" and "Open Editor and Select" functions do not work properly in Inspector UI.

- The issue is fixed that the text is aligned to center in the Update Log dialog.

- The issue is fixed where the ordering of objects in a mesh group could not be changed between clipping meshes or sub-mesh groups.

Developer Comments

The page related to Draw calls is added. (Related page)

AnyPortrait v1.2.2 is the first updated version in 2020.

Due to the schedules and personal circumstances other than the project, the working period was longer.

We apologize for the delay in our work.

Features related to "duplicating" that were requested have been added, and the tool has been improved to be more convenient.

The latest update of Unity recommends that users use URP instead of LWRP, for this reason, we added materials that supports URP to AnyPortrait.

However, URP does not fully support the existing rendering methods, so please check the manual for this issue.


As with v1.2.1, the performance of the editor is slightly improved in v1.2.2.

We also reported that the performance update resolved the frame drop issue (called Stuttering) on some devices.

Please let us know if you find this issue.

Recently, we've exchanged opinions about how we communicate with our users.

About this, we will soon announce the notice on our website, Twitter, and Facebook.

We will continue to improve AnyPortrait in 2020.

We also look forward to users' wonderful work this year.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year!


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