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Update Notes | v1.2.3


(Build April 25, 2020)

Improved Features

1. Animation

- The transition between 2 animation clips is smoother than before.

- Handling of transitions and layering of animation clips is significantly improved.

- An issue is fixed that the control parameter is switched too quickly when the animation clip was switched.

- An issue is fixed that the Integer value of the Control parameter is not interpolated normally in animations.

- An issue is fixed that the Integer value of the Control Parameter is calculated incorrectly in the animation when the value was negative.

- An issue is fixed that blending would not work properly if clips were played repeatedly in Unity's Timeline.

- "Timeline Simulator", which previews the results of linking to Unity's Timeline, is improved to work even when the game is not running in the editor.

2. Editor

- When editing modifiers, the horizontal scrolling in the mesh group's Hierarchy UI does not appear.

- The order in the Hierarchy UI is also applied in the Control Parameters tab.

- Modifier UI's top area, margins, and the order of elements have been adjusted so that the UI is more intuitive.

- Even if the cursor is moved out of the workspace while dragging the mouse, it works normally.

- If the option in the Setting dialog is different from the default, the color is output differently.

- A warning message appears when restoring to the default value in the Setting dialog.

- Since Backspace and Delete are not distinguished in macOS, two keys are now recognized as the same shortcut.

- The "Trash icon" has been added to all Remove and Detach buttons.

- The right UI of animation clips is improved.

- The shortcut key (Ctrl + Wheel Scroll) for zooming the animation timeline UI is added. (Related page)

- Temporary hiding settings for meshes and bones are now retained depending on options when starting and ending modifier editing.

- In Unity 2019.3, it is difficult to press the button due to the location of the tooltip, so the tooltip does not appear from that version.

3. Performance

- An issue is fixed that memory is used unnecessarily or performance is low when the Hierarchy UI is updated.

- Processing speed in major tasks in the editor (start/end of editing the modifier, select/add/delete objects, etc.) is significantly improved.

- The problem is fixed that the processing time of the editor increases when there are many animation clips.

- When loading Portrait for the first time, it is changed to asynchronous loading, and a popup appears to show the loading process. (It does not apply when opening the editor in the inspector.)

- Processing speed for non-rendered meshes is improved.

- When you turn off Important property and place a lot of characters with fixed FPS in the scene, it is improved to suppress the occurrence of frame spike. (Related page)

- "SetFPSForNotImportant" function is added that can change the fixed FPS by script during the game with Important turned off. (Related page)

4. Bones and Rigging

- In the Setting dialog, you can set the size of bones and whether to increase the size according to the screen zoom. (Related page)

- When selecting a bone in the workspace, a different colored outline appears when the bone color is red.

- When selecting a bone in the workspace, the outline color is shine to make it easier to distinguish.

- The appearance of the new bone, "Needle shape" is added, and can be selected in the Setting dialog.

- It is improved to make it easier to select bones when clicking with the mouse than before.

- In the Mesh Group's bone setting UI, "Color preset" buttons are added to quickly set the color of the bone. (Related page)

- It is adjusted to be less similar than before, when the option is set to make the bone color be similar to parent bone.

- The new rigging gradient color option "Vivid" is added to the Setting dialog.

- In the Setting dialog, you can select the effect  that makes the selected area of ​​the circular rigging vertex easier to distinguish.

- In the Setting dialog, the size of the circular rigging vertex can be set in detail.

- Weight values ​​are displayed in the center of the circular rigging vertex as color.

- The click area of ​​the circular rigging weight is expanded.

- A button to change the display method of "Bones not associated with the selected mesh" is added at the bottom of the rigging screen. (Related page)

- Shortcut keys for adjusting the rigging weight are added. (X, Z: change by 0.02, Shift + X, Z: change by 0.05)

- A bone is not selectable while holding down the Ctrl, Shift, or Alt while rigging.

- You can delete a bone by pressing the Delete key in the bone setting screen.

- When changing the visibility of meshes in the modifier, the option to switch without a translucent step is added. (Related page)

- The setting to change the installation path of the AnyPortrait package is added. (Related page)

- In the Inspector UI, the text about "non-Bake status" is changed.

Fixed Issues

- A problem is fixed that the mapping to sub-mesh groups and theirs child meshes was released when opening a PSD file.

- A bug is fixed that the visibility info (eye icon) of objects in the sub-mesh group are not refreshed properly.

- An issue is fixed that GUI Control error log is occurred while editing modifier.

- A bug is fixed that the editor does not work properly, when there is no registered Root Unit and the editor is opened directly in the Inspector.

- A bug is fixed that undoing caused all data to be corrupted when changing the target mesh group of the animation to the parent mesh group, initializing the data.

- A bug is fixed that the Bake is failed due to the data when the sub-mesh group was removed after being rigged from the parent's meshes.

- A problem is fixed that selecting a bone, a mesh, or a sub mesh group at the same time through Hierarchy of a mesh group is possible when editing the modifier.

- A bug is fixed that the FFD tool is not released when another object is selected while using the FFD tool.

- An issue is fixed that GUI error log is occurred when selecting another object during Physic modifier editing.

- An issue is fixed that the Top UI was displayed strangely when selecting an object while editing a Physic modifier.

- An issue is fixed that it was difficult to distinguish from the parent item because the front margin of the 2nd level child item was strange in Hierarchy UI.

- A bug is fixed that the vertical scroll bar of the animation timeline UI is not work normally when using the mouse.

- An issue is fixed that "Auto-loop keyframes" are not refreshed when changing the animation length or loop option.

- An issue is fixed that "Undo" is not worked when changing the animation length or loop option.

- A typo is fixed where the vector properties of the Transform item are output as (X, X) to be output as (X, Y) in the animation's keyframe property UI.

- An issue is fixed that the "Bake" is not processed properly when the custom property as the texture type is created in the Material Library and "Texture Per Image" is selected..

- An issue is fixed that WebGL was missing from the default build target of the DLL.

- An issue is fixed that textures in some folders were missing when loading a Texture asset to be applied to an image.

Developer Comments

After developing AnyPortrait v1.2.2, we received feedback from many users.

And we have found out that many issues need to be applied urgently, so the update content of this version is much more than before.

The development period has been much longer than we expected.

Our team apologizes that update is too late.

We will make the development process more agile by improving the update process.

Also, we would like to thank everyone who provided feedback.

Various issues have been improved in AnyPortrait v1.2.3.

The code for animation and editor has been significantly modified.

The performance and the result of processing have been improved.

In order to improve the convenience of the work related to bones, we made a lot of options for the user to set their own.

Try new options and give us your thoughts, and we will continue to improve.

It is very sad news that the world has been having a hard time with the COVID-19.

We wish that you, your family and friends be healthy and safe.

We hope that our team's tool will help you stay home during this difficult period, doing hobbies or productive activities.

Thank you and cheer for everyone.

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