Update Notes | v1.2.4


(Build July 20, 2020)

Improved Features

1. Editor - Multiple Selection

- You can select and edit two or more meshes, child mesh groups, and bones.

- Multiple selection is supported on all editing except Rigging and Physic modifiers.

- In the workspace, you can select multiple objects using the Ctrl or Shift keys.

- In the Hierarchy UI or Timeline UI on the right, it is possible to select multiple objects using the Ctrl or Shift keys.

- You can change some properties of multiple selected objects at once.

- Multiple selected objects can be added to or removed from the modifier or animation at once.

2. Jiggle Bone

- A new function, Jiggle Bone, which moves a bone by inertia, is added.

- You can use the physics material activation/deactivation function of apPortrait to set whether the Jiggle Bones work.

- Jiggle Bone works even in the editor and screen capture.

- Please check the Related Page for usage and details.

3. Editor

- Purple bone's "selected outline color" is changed to better distinguish.

- The speed of processing mesh selection in the workspace is improved.

- The name and information of "Selected Keys and Objects" in the bottom UI of the editor are deleted.

- You can click and drag points of the animation curve easily.

- A dialog is added asking if you want to initialize the vertices immediately after selecting the mesh, after importing from the PSD file. You can set it in the setting dialog. (Related Page)

- "Enter Play Mode Option", an experimental function of Unity 2019.3, is supported

- "Forum" menu is added.

Fixed Issues

- A bug is fixed that if you edit an object using the arrow keys on the keyboard and then press the arrow keys again immediately after undoing, it will not undo.

- A bug is fixed where animation was not played and edited when undo was repeated more than once during animation editing.

- An issue is fixed where GUI error log occurred intermittently when editing animation.

- A bug is fixed where "Pose Test" no longer works in the Rigging modifier after undoing.

- An issue is fixed where a bone could be registered as a timeline layer using the "All Bones to Layers" button after registering the Morph modifier of the animation as a timeline.

- A bug is fixed where bones were not selected intermittently when clicked immediately after turning on animation editing mode.

- An issue is fixed where clicking the gizmo while "child mesh group" was selected immediately after turning on the edit mode will deselect it.

- A bug is fixed where the current rendering status was not reflected as an icon in the Hierarchy UI immediately after copying/pasting in the modifier.

- A bug is fixed where the initial value of the control parameter was set to "0 or a value close to 0" instead of default value when starting the game.

- A bug is fixed where all edges disappeared when undoing on the mesh editing.

- An issue is fixed that the focus is not reflected in the selected item immediately after the Hierarchy UI is updated.

- An issue that tool conversion was not fast with shortcut keys immediately after pressing Ctrl and Shift keys is fixed.

- An issue in which object output was initialized when undoing while editing a modifier is fixed.

- An issue where the bone disappeared when undoing immediately after the keyframe of the parent bone with IK set is automatically generated by the move tool is fixed.

Developer Comments

The core developments of AnyPortrait v1.2.4 are "Jiggle Bone" and "Multiple Selection".

Requests for these two features have been around since the time of release, but they were put on hold until now because they were difficult to be implemented in AnyPortrait at the time.

We are sorry that it took too long to develop this feature.

"Physical material" is the physics effect applied to a mesh, while "Jiggle Bone" is physics effects applied to the movement of a bone.
You had to create natural movements through physical material effects and proper bone animation,

but now, in many cases, we expect "Jiggle Bone" to replace that role.

AnyPortrait v1.2.4 being updated over a long period of time from v1.2.3 was greatly influenced by the work of developing the "Multiple Selection" function.

"Multiple Selection" was the largest update task that required modifying almost all part of the AnyPortrait editor's system.

Our team has done quite a lot of testing since we developed this feature, and we've found numerous bugs and internal feedbacks, and fixed them.

Perhaps after the release of AnyPortrait v1.2.4, it is expected that some bugs and improvements related to Multiple Selection will be reported by users.

When you use this function and find something to be fixed, please let us know anytime.

Also, we hope you can use the tool a little more conveniently through this function.

We will continue to work hard to improve the usability of AnyPortrait.
Thank you.

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