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Update Notes | v1.2.5


(Build September 24, 2020)

Improved Features

1. Non-Uniform Scale

- The option to express the "Non-Uniform Scale" by changing the scale of a Child Mesh Group is added.

- You can switch between the original method and the new Non-Uniform method in the Setting dialog or Bake dialog.

- For more information on this option, check the related page.

2. Improved Process for Rigged Meshes

- Depending on the option, the Rigged Meshes are flipped when is rendered according to the reversed scale of bones (Related Page)

- Internal code for rigging and bone update has been improved.

3. Improved supporting Prefab

- "Prefab Status UI" is added.

- In the legacy prefab system and the new prefab system introduced in Unity 2018.3, it has been improved to be able to run "Apply" to characters created with AnyPortrait

- For more information, please check the related page.

4. Editor

- When recovering from an abnormally stored backup file due to an unknown cause, it has been improved to recover at least to the extent that editing is possible.

- The maximum value of the brush size of the Soft Selection range, Blur brush, and Rigging modifier's brush is increased by 3 times

- A button and shortcut key to delete mesh group's meshes, child mesh groups, and bones at once are added

- Some words that were awkward in the Japanese UI are fixed

Fixed Issues

- An issue is fixed that rigged meshes moved strangely when the child mesh group moved

- An issue is fixed that bones could not be controlled immediately after undoing when using the Rigging modifier's Pose Test function

- An issue is fixed that the length of the "Animation Event Dialog" was short in the editor of Unity 2019.3 or later

- An issue is fixed that editing would not work normally when selecting all vertices by pressing Ctrl+A after selecting some vertices when Soft Selection is on

- An issue is fixed that Jiggle Bones behave abnormally depending on the angle to the camera when placing a character in a 3D world and rendering it in a billboard method

- An issue is fixed that an object was not selected when clicking on the last location where the gizmo has been shown

- An issue is fixed that the gizmo was not activated when a mesh was duplicated or a different mesh was selected while the Edit tab of Make Mesh was turned on

- An issue is fixed that the gizmo did not disappear when selecting a vertex and selecting another mesh immediately while the Edit tab of Make Mesh was turned on

Developer Comments

- A page that covers how to use "Unity Recorder" is added. (Related page)

- A page that covers how to write a shader to apply "Sprite Mask" is added. (Related page)

-An additional explanation has been written on the page that covers how to optimize the "Draw call". (Related page)

AnyPortrait v1.2.5 is a version that reflects some of the feedback received while preparing AnyPortrait v1.2.4.

We wanted to process feedbacks as quickly as possible, but the issue with "the scale of the rigged mesh" was related to the core code of AnyPortrait.

Our team had to make significant modifications to the core code, while at the same time being careful not to affect the user's existing works.

We deeply apologize to those who have sent us feedback for not being able to provide you with an improved version quickly.

In addition, although we have carefully developed and tested it, please let us know if there are any issues we haven't found.

In preparation for this update, our team moves the "Tutorial", "Manual" and "Script" pages of the homepage to another website.

Since the number of manuals increased significantly from the time of release, it was difficult to continuously create additional manuals with the existing website.

This made our team a decision to move those pages.

Although there is a difference in appearance, there is no difference in content as the existing data has been moved almost as it is.

Existing manual pages will not be deleted for the time being.

Other pages such as "Forum" and "Samples" have not been moved.

We will continue to do our best to improve the tool.

Thank you.

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