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Update Notes | v1.2.6


(Build November 7, 2020)

Improved Features

1. Editor

- When opening a character with the editor, the default value ​​of the control parameters is changed to be automatically corrected if it is out of range.

- When rotating an object in the editor or changing the size of an object, the position value is corrected so that it does not move.

- When doing Bake, a message indicating that there is a "Mesh without image" is added.

Fixed Issues

- An issue is fixed that meshes with a negative default size could not be edited by the gizmo.

- An issue is fixed that meshes, which is applied Rigging or Transform modifiers, with a negative default size do not work properly.

Developer Comments

AnyPortrait v1.2.6 is the version where bugs found in v1.2.5 and elements that hurt usability are fixed urgently.

This version was developed based on user feedback.

Your feedback is always a big help in improving AnyPortrait.

Thank you.

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