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Update Notes | v1.3.0 / v1.3.1

v1.3.0 / v1.3.1

(Build April 10, 2021 / Build April 19, 2021)

Improved Features

1. Performance

- Rigging modifier and animation processing performance during game playing has been improved. Now, if there are many bones, animation clips, and keyframes, the performance degradation is less than before.

2. Customize shortcuts and add shortcuts

- In the Setting Dialog, a menu has been added that allows users to set most of the shortcut keys in the editor. (Related page)

- Page Up, Page Down : Scroll the animation timeline UI up and down
- Ctrl + <,> : Move to the previous or next keyframe
- N : Turn the animation's “Auto-Key” function on or off
- ~ : Switch between the Hierarchy tab and the Controller tab on the left side of the editor
- Enter : Execute the Make Polygon function when making mesh
- 1-6 Number keys : Switch the mesh edit menu
- F2 : The focus moves to the UI that modifies the name of the current object
- I : Toggle Visibility Preset
- 1-5 Number keys : Switch Visibility Preset Rules
- Alt + O : Toggle Rotoscoping
- 9 Number key : Previous Rotoscoping Image File
- 0 Number key : Next Rotoscoping Image File
- D : Switch whether to make multiple modifiers to run in edit mode
- Alt + D : Set the modifier's target not to be selected even if the selection lock is released in edit mode
- Alt + G : Display objects that are not subject to modifiers in edit mode as gray color
- Alt + B : Preview calculation result for bones in edit mode
- Alt + C : Preview calculation result for color in edit mode

- The content of the upper message that appears when you press the shortcut has been changed in more detail, and has been improved so that it does not appear in some cases.

3. View menu and improved workspace UI
- "View Menu" has been added. It takes over the role of the previous view buttons and allows you to select more options for how to display in workspaces. (Related page)

- Status icons indicating how objects can be displayed and edited in the workspace appear in the upper right corner.
- Onion Skin and Visibility of Mesh and Bone option buttons disappears. These buttons can be made to reappear in the settings dialog.

4. Visibility Preset

- "Visibility Preset" has been added that allows the user to pre-define which bones and meshes to be rendered in the workspace. (Related page)

- Setting or turning on the Visibility preset can be done in the "View Menu".

5. Renewed Modifier lock

- Modifier lock has been removed and replaced with "Edit Mode Options". (Related page)

- These options can be opened from the "View Menu".

- Modifiers being edited in edit mode or objects not belonging to the timeline have been improved not to be affected by other modifiers, so other modifiers are applied even during edit mode depending on the options.

- Depending on the option, only objects registered in the modifier can be selected when the selection lock is released. Turning off that option allows you to select all objects.

- Depending on the option, objects that are not registered in the modifier are displayed as gray blurred images.

6. Renewed Automatic Mesh Generation 

- The previous automatic mesh generation function has been removed, and a completely new and improved Automatic Mesh Generation function is provided. (Related page)

- You can create a mesh directly from the mesh setting screen.

- It is improved so that the area of the mesh can be easily edited with the mouse.

- Depending on the option, if you select a mesh created from a PSD file, a message will appear asking if you want to delete the vertices, and an option to automatically generate the mesh has been added to this message.

7. Rotoscoping

- By using the "Rotoscoping" function added to the View menu, you can show external images on the background of the workspace. (Related page)

- You can load multiple external images and synchronize them with the animation frames.

8. Copying values from multiple keys and improvements

- The feature to paste two or more keys in combination in the modifier by control parameter has been added. (Related page)

- After saving the values in up to 4 slots, you can apply the sum or average value.

- Previously, the only copy&paste was possible only on the same object, but now you can paste the copied value anywhere if the minimum conditions are satisfied. (However, copy&paste in animation are handled separately.)

9. Script

- A script function to get the Sorting Order of a specific target has been added. (Related page)

- Physics functions like AddForce also apply to Jiggle Bones.

- Script functions that return the currently playing apOptRootUnit or index have been added.

10. Editor UI

- The overall layout of the editor UI has been cleaned up a little more.
- Control parameter UI has been reduced. The edit shortcut button has been removed, and you can now see more control parameter UI elements on one screen.
- When selecting keyframes by dragging in the animation timeline UI, it has been improved to automatically scroll up, down, left, and right.
- When selecting a mesh from the menu, the screen automatically scrolls to fit the area or pivot of the mesh.
- The "Add All Control Parameters to the Timeline" function has been added to the animation timeline.
- The order of the sub-mesh groups in the Bone tab of the Hierarchy UI of the mesh group is arranged according to the Depth.
- When adding objects to the timeline in batches, they are arranged in the same order as the hierarchy.
- If you click the "button to arrange timeline layers by Depth", the timeline layers are arranged in the same order as in the hierarchy.

11. Etc

- When using the "Depth To Order" method in the Bake dialog, an option to allocate the Sorting Order at intervals other than 1 has been added. (Related page)

- If there is only one image, the image is automatically set when creating a mesh. You can turn it off in the options.
- When opening or saving an external file, the last path is recorded and set as the default path the next time the dialog is opened.
- When the option is turned on, the "Auto-Key" function will be maintained even after exiting the edit mode.
- When renaming a mesh group, if it is registered as a child of another mesh group, the name of the connected object is synchronized and changed together. (The opposite is not synchronized.)

- The failure message when creating a keyframe that overlaps with the existing one no longer appears. (v1.3.1)

Fixed Issues

- An issue is fixed that occurred in the internal functions of apOptTransform, GetMeshTransform, and GetMeshGroupTransform.
- An issue is fixed that the Transparency Sort Mode was forcibly fixed to Orthographic even when the billboard option was turned off.
- An issue is fixed that the interpolation of the animation timeline of the "control parameter" type was not properly processed while the game was running.
- An issue is fixed that a "ghost input" that seemed to keep typing these keys for a while after releasing other shortcut keys after pressing Ctrl, Shift, Alt keys occurs
- An issue is fixed that the control parameter was not selected correctly when clicking another control parameter UI immediately after moving the cursor out of the editor while being selected in certain versions of the Unity editor.
- An issue is fixed that too many registry values ​​were created when the editor options were saved.
- An issue is fixed that the backup file was incorrectly saved differently from the specification depending on the user's device environment. (Backup files from previous versions can be opened in this version, but on the contrary, backup files created in this version cannot be opened in previous versions. )
- An issue is fixed that the preview was displayed abnormally because the "default position, rotation, and size of the mesh group" was not applied in the "Reimport PSD" function.
- An issue is fixed that the Jiggle Bone setting was missing when exporting the bone structure to a file.
- An issue is fixed that some buttons appeared to be clickable in the UI of animation clips with no mesh groups connected
- "Physic" of the modifier name has been modified to "Physics"
- An issue is fixed that layer opacity was not applied when importing a PSD file
- An issue is fixed that Bake could not be executed when the Physics modifier was applied to the double-sided mesh.
- An issue is fixed that when Bake was performed while the size of the GameObject of apPortrait or GameObjects above it was inverted, it would not render normally even if the scale was restored to its original value.
- An issue is fixed that "Bones with no rigging weight applied to them appear gray" is not updated immediately after performing the "Pos-Paste" function.
- An issue is fixed that the dialog was forcibly closed during the process of opening a PSD file due to a Unity Editor error in the latest macOS (however, the error log may continue to occur until updated in macOS or Unity)
- An issue is fixed that editing the modifier of a child mesh group would become uneditable when undoing it
- An issue is fixed that an afterimage of 1 frame remained when the root unit was switched by animation.
- An issue is fixed that when playing animation with a script after calling Hide and Show, it was not normally converted to the more than second root unit 
- An issue is fixed that the processing result was not applied to the control parameter in the first frame when playing animation with a script

- An issue is fixed that some data of other animation clips was initialized when undoing immediately after data creation during animation work. (v1.3.1)

Developer Comments

- A manual page for performance issues when building using Vulkan has been added. (Related page)

AnyPortrait v1.3.0 is the first update in 2021 with lots of feedback and a major update after a long time.
We developed this version based on your feedback, such as a lot of ideas and bug reports.
We are expecting this update to make AnyPortrait a little more practical.
We tried to include everything possible that users reported, and it took quite a long time to develop.
Thank you to all those who have been waiting for so long.


(The image above is a test result of placing 50 characters. The "Important" option is turned on.)
First, the performance has been improved even further in v1.3.0.
We reviewed AnyPortrait's overall system to speed up processing.
In particular, we have achieved the above performance improvement by modifying the code in Rigging and Animation.
If your character has many bones or many animation clips and keyframes, you can feel this improvement even more.

Also, the feature of this update is that some unnecessary or not useful features have been removed.
The view buttons have also been integrated into the view menu, and the automatic mesh function has been completely renewed and the UI has been redesigned.
The modifier lock option has also been removed and has been changed to provide more useful options.
We have approached these issues very carefully because we are well aware that major changes can provide a bad experience for users familiar with AnyPortrait.
However, for future improvements, it was necessary to change the existing system and UI.
We hope that you can minimize trial and error by checking the manuals we provide.

We will always do our best to support your creative activities.
Thank you.

Developer Comments (v1.3.1)

We are urgently deploying a version that fixes a serious bug related to "Undo" in v1.3.0 and earlier.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to users.

If you have any other problems or needs while using, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to support you.

Thank you.

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