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Update Notes | v1.3.2 / v1.3.3

v1.3.2 / v1.3.3

(Build 10 July 2021 / Build 20 July 2021)

Improved Features

1. Improved Editor Performance

- Editor's performance has been improved.

- "Accelerated Mode" that additionally improves editor performance by installing a separate plug-in has been added. (Related page)

2. Improved Gameplay Performance

- Overall performance in gameplay has been improved.

- The memory issue when updating modifiers has been improved.

3. Guideline

- "Guideline" function to display arbitrary straight lines in the workspace has been added. (Related page)

4. Hierarchy Right-click menu

- You can right-click in the Hierarchy to open a menu and use various functions.

- "Search" function has been added to the right-click menu. (Related Page)

5. Synchronized play function

- "Synchronize, Unsynchronize" functions have been added to synchronize animation or control parameters by connecting to another apPortrait. (Related page)

6. Etc

- When creating a new portrait in the editor, the text box is automatically focused.

- Functions such as Duplicate and Migrate can be used simultaneously with multiple objects selected in the mesh group setting.

- The edited values can be copied, pasted, or initialized while multiple objects are selected on the edit screen of the modifier linked to the control parameter.

- Multiple layers can be selected using the Ctrl and Shift keys in the PSD file import dialog.

- "RemoveForce" function and overloaded "RemoveTouch" function to disable only target physics force are added. (Related page)

- Editor timer and FPS counter improved (v1.3.3)

- Added "Color Only" modifier (v1.3.3)

Fixed Issues

- An issue has been fixed that the Additive method does not work properly when changing the scale of an object in the modifier using two or more control parameters.
- An issue has been fixed that that objects in a child mesh group do not appear in the Hierarchy UI when undoing immediately after copying or migrating objects.
- An issue has been fixed that the edit state properly is not recovering intermittently if undo and redo are repeated.
- An issue has been fixed the animation of objects with the Important option turned off behaved strangely when changing Unity's Time.timeScale.
- An issue has been fixed undo is not possible after migration of objects in a mesh group.
- An issue has been fixed undo is not working after modifying the depth of objects in a mesh group.
- An issue has been fixed that escape characters are added to the path setting value, so the problem that the path is not recognized depending on the system environment.
- An issue has been fixed that saving and opening files is not work normally caused by encoding not being UTF-8 depending on the system environment.
- An issue has been fixed that the rotation gizmo behaves in the opposite way when the scale of the bone is inverted
- An issue has been fixed that the physics modifier behaved as if it was running at low FPS depending on the execution environment

- An issue has been fixed that the editor slowing down due to too much undo data being generated (v1.3.3)

- An issue has been fixed that the Hierarchy UI did not update properly when selecting and editing a mesh group belonging to another mesh group (v1.3.3)

- An issue has been fixed that the error occurred during executing Bake when assigning rigging weights using the "Pos-Paste" function to bones belonging to other mesh groups (v1.3.3)

- An issue has been fixed that bones and meshes were not selected properly in the workspace (v1.3.3)

Developer Comments

- A page that explains how to install or update AnyPortrait assets has been added. (Related page)

- A page that explains how to improve performance has been added. (Related page)

- A page that explains in more detail how to use sockets to equip items to characters has been added. (Related page)

- A page that explains how to apply a physics effect like "wind" to a character has been added. (Related page)

- On the page of Mecanim, how to use the Animator Override Controller has been added. (Related page)

- A way to fix an issue where the colors of translucent images appear strange when using the Keep Alpha material has been added. (Related page)

AnyPortrait v1.3.2 is a version with many modifications to the internal system by reviewing both the in-game executable code and the editor code.
In our tests with the demo scene, the game performance of v1.3.2 improved by about 30% compared to v1.3.1, and the FPS of the editor increased by more than 10. (Results may vary depending on the test environment.)
To make AnyPortrait more valuable as a tool for game creation, our team is doing our best to keep improving it.

Most of the other bugs and improvements were discovered and fixed based on your feedback.
Thanks to everyone who helped improve AnyPortrait.

Note that.

According to the Unity LTS policy, the minimum version of Unity supported by AnyPortrait has been changed from 5.5 to 2018.4.

We kindly ask for your understanding.

Developer Comments (v1.3.3)

In v1.3.2, we fixed the "Undo" function, but immediately after the update, a problem was found in this part, so we urgently prepared an update to v1.3.3.

Along with this, while preparing v1.3.3, some additional problems were discovered and solved together.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by not being able to inspect it closely.

Also, the need for a "Color Only" modifier was raised in our game project, so we developed it urgently.

We will continue to improve AnyPortrait to help your projects based on your feedback and our game project.