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Update Notes | v1.3.4


(Build October 26, 2021)

Improved Features

1. Improved Unity Editor UI

- You can check the sockets of the mesh and bone in the Inspector. (Related page)

- Animation events can be checked in the Inspector and copied to the clipboard.

- Animation events can be called with a "Callback" method similar to UnityEvent. (Related page)

- An icon is added to the GameObject created by AnyPortrait in Unity's Hierarchy tab. (Related page)

2. Added option for rotation in "Transform (Controller)" modifier

- Added "Turn off Rotation Angle Limit" option.

- Added "Rotate by Vector" option. (Related page)

3. Improved Synchronization

- A script function that can synchronize the movements of bones of different characters has been added. (Related page)

- A function has been added to synchronize the indices of the root units of different characters whose animations are not synchronized. (Related page)

- The arguments of the synchronization script function have been added to support the above case. (Related page)

4. Improved Extra Option

- You can change the Extra Option at once by selecting multiple objects.

- You can see the Depth change exceeding the max/min range. (Related page)

- The UI for changing the size of the image has been improved. (Related page)

- A menu to remove multiple objects at once from the right-click menu of Hierarchy has been added. (Related page)

- The feature to automatically generate multiple meshes in a batch has been added. (Related page)

- When adding a guideline, the guideline is displayed in the workspace immediately regardless of the options.

- When clicking the Bone tab of the mesh group, the "Hide Bone option" is turned off to show the bones in the workspace.

- Added the "Invert Background Color" function to the View menu. (Related page)

- The polygon is displayed even when the Setting tab is selected on the mesh editing screen.

- Added feature to copy vertices in the "Make Mesh > Edit" tab of the mesh editing screen. (Related page)

- A script function that allows you to change the animation update speed during the game has been added. (Related page)

- The start dialog has been changed.

- Added "Video Tutorials" item to the menu.

- Added function to get or specify Sorting Order directly from apOptTransform. (Related page)

- Improved process of clicking and selecting vertices in the Add tool of Make Mesh.

Fixed Issues

- An issue has been fixed that an inconsistent result when changing the Depth setting in Extra Option for multiple meshes.
- An issue has been fixed that multiple requests with Depth setting in Extra Option out of the range of the entire mesh were not processed properly.

- An issue has been fixed that it could not be opened at once due to an error when opening a Prefab.

- An issue has been fixed that the editor cannot be opened at once has been fixed when the installation location has been changed.

- An issue has been fixed that the "Create New PSD Set" function did not work on the "Reimport PSD File" screen.

- An issue has been fixed that the automatic mesh generation function does not work properly when the size of the actual image file and the size of the image imported as an asset are different.

- An issue has been fixed that the Extra Option did not work in the Color modifier.

Developer Comments

- Added a manual page that explain how to set the Sorting Order when attaching an external mesh. (Related page)

- Added a manual page on how to create a character with multiple directions. (Related page)

Most of the issues in AnyPortrait v1.3.4 have been improved based on your feedback.

Thanks to your active participation, we were able to find and fix issues that our team had not discovered or thought about, one by one.

Thank you very much.

In the early days, we developed AnyPortrait as a tool for "animating character illustration", but now we are developing it in the hope that AnyPortrait will be used more effectively for game projects.

From v1.3.0, the execution performance has been greatly improved, and improvements needed for game projects such as "Synchronization" have been included.

During the development of v1.3, our team had conversations with people who use AnyPortrait in actual projects, and our team itself continues to work on a game project using AnyPortrait.

Feedback from this activity is being reflected in AnyPortrait.

And, for the first time since launch, we changed the character of the artwork of Asset Store!

A character named "Peacock The Aria" is the mascot of the RainyRizzle team.

This character appears in the second tutorial of AnyPortrait, and is also the mascot character for "TwoSides," the first project of the RainyRizzle team.

Find this cute green character on AnyPortrait!

If there are no fatal bugs, the 2021 update will wrap up with v1.3.4.

While we have tried to include all of the users' comments as much as possible, we have not forgotten that some proposals that take a very long time to implement or are of relatively low importance have not been implemented yet.

We will continue to strive to implement every idea as much as possible within the limits of AnyPortrait's system.

We would like to thank all of you who have used AnyPortrait diligently in various fields so far.

Our team will continue to do our best.

Thank you.

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