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Update Notes | v1.4.0 / v1.4.1

v1.4.0 / v1.4.1

(Build July 16, 2022 / Build August 3, 2022)

Improved Features

1. Pin Tool

- A curve-based "Pin tool" is added as an element of the mesh to improve working efficiency in the Morph modifier.

- Various tools for editing pins are added.

- The UI is added to select "Vertex" and "Pin" as edit targets in the Morph modifier.

Adding PinsUsing Pins in Morph modifier )

2. Improved UI image

- The "Vertex" image from the workspace is changed nicely, and rendering performance is improved.

- The image of the Control Parameter UI is changed, and the rendering performance is improved.

- Many icons such as Bake Dialog, Inspector, and Hierarchy are changed to be pretty.

- The "Pixel Perfect" technique is applied to clearly display images of the animation timeline.

3. Added various options

- An option is added to the Bake dialog to determine whether undefined control parameters are "Restored to default" or "Retained to last value" in the next animation to be transitioned. (Related page)

(Related page)

- An option is added to the Bake dialog to prevent the physics function (Jiggle bone, physics material) from acting strangely when the character moves far in 1 frame.

- An option is added to the Setting dialog to expand the UI height of Vector type Control Parameters in the editor. (Related page)

- An option is added to the Settings dialog to determine if Visibility presets will remain on when selecting other objects.

4. Improved Inspector UI

- Layout is changed so that users can find the properties with a tab. (Related page)

- The performance of the Inspector UI is improved.

- The icon and layout of the Inspector UI are changed to be pretty.

- A function to preview the animation of a character in the Unity editor is added.

- A list where you can see the images used in the character is added.

5. Improved Animation Event UI

- The usability of the Animation Event dialog is improved. (Related page)

- A function that allows users to save events as presets is added.

- An option is added to specify the color of event markers.
- It is changed that event markers are shown in front of the slider on the timeline.

- Continuous type event markers have been improved to be expressed more intuitively.

6. Improved PSD file import function

- The ability to create "Secondary Atlas" is added to the "PSD File Reimport function". (Related page)

- The stability for functions related to saving paths when saving PSD files is improved.

- Editor execution performance is improved.
- Improved way of clicking vertices introduced in previous versions is adapted for all cases.
- When Bake is executed, the target GameObject is focused.
- "Auto-scroll" function of the animation timeline is improved.
- A warning appears when disabling the "Auto Normalize" function in the Rigging modifier.
- The performance of all script functions that reference textures, objects, and animations are improved.
- A script is added to assist in creating a "Command Buffer" to control character rendering. (Related page)
- The registered keys are displayed in the UI of Control Parameters that are not being edited.
- When the registered Control Parameters in the modifier UI are output, they are changed to be displayed with the preset icon designated by the user.
- It is improved that the UI of the Rigging modifier can intuitively distinguish the currently unavailable UI elements depending on the situation.
- It is changed that buttons that are expected to be clicked by users are flash.
- A button that deletes all Control Parameter keys from the modifier at once and removes the Control Parameter from the modifier at the same time is added.
- In the latest version of Mac OS, "Metal" is changed to a required option so that the guide dialog about Metal is no longer shown.
- The readability of the dialog for selecting the texture of the image and the dialog for selecting the image for the mesh is improved.
- The process of clicking and selecting keyframes etc in the animation timeline is improved.
- An option to adjust the weight of the Jiggle Bone with a Control Parameter is added. (Related page)
- When selecting one or several bones, the layout order is optimized to minimize changes in the bone property UI.
- The size of the button to remove all vertices in the mesh editing UI is changed to be slightly larger to match the frequency of use.
- When using the "Reset Value" and "Paste" functions of the modifier controlled by the control parameter, the new dialog for selecting the target property to be adapted appears. (Related page)
- It is changed that all vertices are selected immediately after registering the mesh to the Rigging modifier.
- The ability to refresh all meshes of apPortrait in the scene is added as a "Refresh All Meshes" menu in the Unity Editor menu. (Related page)

- A new "Modify" right-click menu is added that allows you to directly modify the mesh or mesh group in the mesh group's hierarchy. (Related page)

Improved Features (v1.4.1)

- A function to validate and automatically correct animation event names is added.
- It is changed that "overloading" methods will be excluded that cause an error when assigning callback-style animation events in the Inspector UI.
- The ability to batch assign event listeners in the Callback animation event UI of the Inspector UI is added.
- A function to check the validity of assigned events in the Callback type animation event UI of the Inspector UI is added.
- A function to copy the control parameter name to the clipboard in Inspector UI is added.
- The Korean notation of the button to set whether to automatically play the animation while the root unit is selected is corrected.
- It is changed that Pins created by clicking the workspace with “Add Tool” cannot be moved until clicked again.
- When undoing immediately after adding or deleting a control parameter to a modifier, the control parameter is now properly selected.
- The ability to change options in a batch in the dialog that automatically creates multiple meshes is added.

Fixed Issues

- An issue is fixed that the error occurred when using the "Blur" tool with no mesh selected when working with the Morph modifier.
- An issue is fixed that some icon images were displayed at low resolution in the Pro UI.
- An issue is fixed that when editing mode with Transform modifier is turned on while two or more Control Parameters handle the same object, the object disappears.
- An issue is fixed that caused other modifiers to be overly restricted when selecting the Color Only modifier and turning on multi-edit mode.
- An issue is fixed that modifiers that should be deactivated in this edit mode work.
- An issue is fixed that the edit mode is canceled when the multi-edit mode is turned on while the value of the Control Parameter is not located in the key.
- An issue is fixed that the multi-edit mode was not applied properly to modifiers in other timelines.
- An issue is fixed that editor resources were not loaded intermittently when opening the editor through the Inspector.
- An issue is fixed that animations targeting different root units would stop working when trying to play animations in the same frame using a script.
- An issue is fixed that the asynchronous initialization function did not work properly.
- An issue is fixed that the animation playback is too fast to match the frame settings after a long time elapses while the editor is not in focus.
- An issue is fixed that it is recognized as an error and a log is outputted if Bake is executed without specifying an appropriate script function and if the animation event execution method is "Callback".
- An issue is fixed that the Control Parameter UI was displayed strangely when opening the "View Menu" in Unity 2019 and later versions.
- An issue is fixed that you could not select a Control Parameter by clicking it immediately after changing a category of Control Parameters.
- An issue is fixed that the changed shader asset of a material set is not applied to the preset in the material library.
- An issue is fixed that the gizmo of "Pose Test" mode of Rigging modifier could not be controlled until the bone was clicked again after clicking outside the gizmo.
- An issue is fixed that an internal ID issuance error when creating an object before or after undoing will occur with a very low probability.
- An issue is fixed that whether an object is selected immediately when creating or duplicating an object was not consistent depending on the type of object.
- An issue is fixed that the workspace will be zoomed in/out when scrolling with the mouse wheel outside the workspace and moving the cursor back to the workspace.
- An issue is fixed that the shaders of the "Keep Alpha" material preset were rendered strangely when the rendering target was "Render Texture". (You will need to install that package again.)
- An issue is fixed that the previous Atlas was continuously displayed on the screen even after pressing the Bake button of Atlas again in the PSD file import dialog.
- An issue is fixed that an error occurred because some code using the "Type" class was not written explicitly.

Fixed Issues (v1.4.1)

- An issue is fixed that the marker color property is not duplicated when duplicating an animation event.
- An issue is fixed that the "Remove Animation event button" was missed in the previous version.
- An issue is fixed that an error occurred when undoing after creating a curve connecting pins or deleting a curve.
- An issue is fixed that 2 pins could be connected with 2 curves.
- An issue is fixed that the buttons related to the Prefab were too small in the Inspector UI.
- An issue is fixed that the rendering order was calculated abnormally when the rendering order of objects in a mesh group was changed and the setting tab was not selected and undone.
- An issue is fixed that the remove button ("X") used in Control Parameter UI, Rigging UI, etc. is too dark in Pro UI.

Developer Comments

- The results of comparing performance differences between versions of Unity since the release of Apple Silicon are added to the page explaining Mac performance issues. (Related page)

AnyPortrait v1.4.0 is a major update after a long time as you can see from the version numbering.

There are many improvements in this version.

A lot of the features we have been thinking about for a long time, the issues that you have asked about, and the experiences we had while using the tool are all melted into this version.

Of the many enhancements, the most difficult to implement was the "Pin".

We've been thinking a lot about more efficient tools to help with character creation for quite some time.

Since its launch, many users have suggested various ideas, and we have considered whether to introduce them.

We reviewed whether it can be implemented in the AnyPortrait system, whether high performance in the game will be maintained, and the effect on expected usability, and after a long period of development, we are able to present it to you.

Since pins are the lowest level data such as vertices and at the same time require complex operations such as rigging, we had to re-examine and rewrite the code at all levels of AnyPortrait.

With careful implementation, we were able to implement the pins without any in-game performance degradation compared to previous versions.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and that we appreciate your additional feedback.

We also reviewed many factors that affect the editor's performance.

We checked and improved the rendering performance of AnyPortrait's unique UIs and animation execution codes in the editor.

And some images were replaced in the process.

​Check out the prettier and faster AnyPortrait editor.

A lot of our experience with the tool is reflected in this version as well.

The Inspector UI and Animation Event UI, and the ability to create Secondary Textures are improved and added.

It will be of great help to those who make action games with many characters.

Also added a new script to support Command Buffer scripting.

This is a technique that can solve most of the rendering issues that have been reported so far, and will be of great help to you.

Preparing a lot for this update took a lot more time than we expected.

We would like to apologize to those who have been waiting and also, thank you.

As long as there are people who enjoy using AnyPortrait, we will do our best to continue supporting it.
Thank you always!

Developer Comments (v1.4.1)

After AnyPortrait v1.4.0 was updated, several users gave feedback to our team.
Those feedbacks commonly pointed to problems with animation events.
Thanks to your feedback, we were able to quickly find that some features were missing from previous versions or could potentially cause errors.
We quickly implemented v1.4.1 by selecting urgent ones from the reported issues.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you by not checking more closely.
We would also like to thank everyone who provided us with a quick and detailed report.
Your feedback always helps us improve our tools.
Thank you!

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