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Update Notes | v1.4.2

(Build January 19, 2023)

Improved Features

1. Editor settings and Bake settings

- Some Bake options are shared on a project-by-project
- The feature that export/import editor environment settings to a file is added
- The feature to save user-custom Bake options as "default settings" is added
- Editor preferences and Bake settings are stored in text file format, compatible with version control tools
- The editor option to show bones as "Ghost bones" when creating bones by mouse click is added
- The editor option to change the size of vertices or pins shown in the workspace is added
- The editor option that allows you to turn off the gizmo behavior of "move the target immediately by dragging right after clicking" is added

Setting DialogBake Dialog )

2. Import a PSD file

- When re-importing a PSD file, the names of the layers and meshes in the PSD are displayed on the screen
- When re-importing a PSD file, a function to show the image's pixels is added to accurately compare the positions of the PSD layer and the mesh
- When a PSD file is re-imported, it is improved so that the rendering order of the meshes is properly specified based on the PSD file
- When generating meshes from PSD files, it is changed that the record for undo is not divided per processing steps
- When importing a PSD file, the default visibility of meshes is specified based on the visibility of PSD layers
- When importing a PSD file, an error message appears when the path is invalid

( Re-importing a PSD File )

3. Hierarchy UI

- Another object can be selected by pressing the up/down key after clicking the target
- The Hierarchy UI on the right automatically scrolls when an object is selected in the workspace
- When selecting an animation clip, the Hierarchy UI on the left automatically scrolls
- If you right-click to display the menu, the name of the clicked object appears, and if multiple objects are selected at the same time, the number of additionally selected objects is displayed as well.
- If you press the Enter key in the "Rename" dialog through the right-click menu, the changed name is applied immediately.
- When trying to change the order of objects through the right-click menu of the Hierarchy UI on the left, a message asking whether to change the sorting mode to "Custom Method" can be shown.
- By some right-click menu functions, the object will be selected.
- Changing the rendering of a bone by holding the Alt key, the visibility of the child's bones will also change.
- If the Color Option is off, a small dot will appear instead, and clicking on it will activate the Color Option immediately.

Shortcuts | Getting Started 1-6 Changing the face with Transform Modifier )

4. Editing multiple objects

- Changing the rendering order (Depth) of selected objects at once is supported
- Duplicating selected objects at once through the right-click menu of the Hierarchy UI is supported
- When deleting through the right-click menu of the Hierarchy UI, an option for multiple deletions is provided
- When deleting multiple objects from a mesh group, it has been improved to enable removing even when child mesh groups and meshes are selected together

5. Mesh editing screen

- It is changed that running "Reset vertices" creates a square mesh to fit the Atlas region 
- The feature that coping and pasting selected pins to another mesh is added
- The feature to convert their position values into relative coordinates based on the pivot when copying and pasting vertices or pins is added
- It is changed that pins appear as translucent when the "Make Mesh" tab is selected
- It is improved that the submenu changes in order when you press the number 2 key or number 7 key consecutively among the hotkeys for switching mesh tabs

( Copying Vertices | Adding Pins )

6. Animation Timeline UI

- The slider at the bottom has been changed to work in the opposite way so that you can intuitively adjust the zoom in/out of the animation timeline UI.
- It is improved that you can move the time slider continuously when clicking and dragging the top of the timeline UI while holding down the Ctrl + Shift keys
- It is improved that the “last clicked timeline layer” for multi-selecting layers is refreshed even when the target is clicked in the workspace or Hierarchy UI

- Added script functions to get playback time, etc. from AnimPlayData ( Animation Script API )
- The speed and stability of searching for the latest version are improved by changing the server that informs the latest version
- Usability is improved by distinguishing the scroll value of the right UI according to the type of selected object
- If you press the Enter key in the dialog to set the name of the new portrait, the portrait is created immediately with the set name.
- If the screen resolution is greater than FHD, the range for clicking vertices or edges is slightly expanded.
- It is improved that the message asking if you want to complete the FFD tool appears on the more a variety of situations.
- Since Unity 2022.2, some APIs related to prefabs have been deprecated, so related codes are changed
- The highlight design of "Selected Items" in the list UI to look is a little prettier

Fixed Issues

- An issue is fixed where the UI for entering numbers to change the weight of a single vertex did not work in the Rigging modifier edit screen
- An issue is fixed where the rendering status of bones does not return to its original state when a different mesh group is selected immediately after the rendering status of bones has been changed to "gray, translucent" in the editing screen of the Rigging modifier
- An issue is fixed where multiple objects are not removed at the same time by pressing the "Trash can" button in the UI on the right of the mesh group.
- An issue is fixed where the rendering order of objects could not be changed normally when there was a child mesh group
- An issue is fixed where objects are sorted in reverse order when there is a child mesh group of 3 levels or higher when importing a PSD file.
- An issue is fixed where meshes of child mesh groups of 3 levels or higher were not additionally created when re-importing a PSD file
- An issue is fixed where disconnecting the existing parent bone and baking again causes the bone to move strangely
- An issue is fixed where the editor could not be run when it was incorrectly recognized that data existed even after the modifier was deleted due to an error
- An issue is fixed where the character could not be opened in the editor if an error occurred in the animation clip that was linked to the mesh group after the mesh group was deleted or after a similar operation.
- An issue is fixed where animation events were not called in the last frame where auto loop keyframes were located in loop animation.
- An issue is fixed where objects in a mesh group are abnormally sorted when undoing after deleting multiple objects at the same time.
- An issue is fixed where the error log occurs when removing meshes in a child mesh group with the Shift key.
- An issue is fixed where the mapping target mesh was rendered in black in the Re-import PSD dialog
- An issue is fixed where layer information and preview did not work properly when first entering the position correction step in the secondary atlas import dialog.
- An issue is fixed where objects could not be duplicated through the right-click menu of the Hierarchy UI on the left side of the editor while no mesh or mesh group was selected.
- An issue is fixed where some items in the UI on the right were displayed strangely when a child mesh group was selected while the setting tab of the mesh group was selected.
- An issue is fixed where the initial value of the physics effect was incorrectly applied and vertices or bones moved strangely when the game was run 
- An issue is fixed where the physics effect works exaggeratedly when the FPS was too low or the application stopped when the game was running.
- An issue is fixed where it was difficult to click the horizontal edges and vertical edges
- An issue is fixed where meshes with the Rigging modifier applied in the child mesh group - could not be targeted for the Transform modifier - could be bypassed and registered through the "yellow eye button" in the Hierarchy UI.
- An issue is fixed where the Jiggle Bone's Constraint setting would look strange in the workspace when a target is not a root bone and the parent mesh group is rotated
- An issue is fixed where vertices rather than control points were selected when pressing the "Ctrl+A" hotkey while the FFD tool was on
- An issue is fixed where non-target child mesh groups were registered or meshes in child mesh groups that should be targeted were not registered when trying to register all meshes in "Morph (Animation)" as timeline layers
- An issue is fixed where the button to remove objects from the timeline did not appear when an object that was not the target of the timeline was registered as a timeline layer due to a bug, etc.

- An issue is fixed where object selection was canceled when dragging the mouse on the animation editing screen.

Developer Comments

AnyPortrait v1.4.2 is a version that applies feedback received from many users after the previous version was released.
There are no great new features, but the usability of the editor has improved a lot based on your feedback and our experience.
Each function has become more predictable, and many problems that inevitably occur under certain conditions have been resolved.

After releasing version AnyPortrait v1.4.0, our team had to focus on other tasks separate from development.
By the end of 2022, we were unable to fully commit to our development capabilities, which delayed work for a long time.
For those of you who have been waiting for the new version, we apologize for the long delay.
We will reflect and do our best so that the team's problems do not affect the user experience.

Our team will work hard to support you again.
We hope AnyPortrait will help you in your wonderful creative activities in also 2023!
Thank you.

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