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AnyPortrait > Update Notes > v1.4.3 / v1.4.4

Update Notes | v1.4.3 / v1.4.4

(Build March 7, 2023 / Build March 29, 2023)

Improved Features

1. Script functions using Int type Property ID of materials

- Property ID of "Int" type can be entered as an argument of script functions such as SetMeshCustomImage that controls custom material properties.

- The following functions have been improved.

SetMeshCustomImage, SetMeshCustomColor, SetMeshCustomAlpha, SetMeshCustomFloat, SetMeshCustomInt, SetMeshCustomVector4, SetMeshCustomImageAll, SetMeshCustomColorAll, SetMeshCustomAlphaAll, SetMeshCustomFloatAll, SetMeshCustomIntAll, SetMeshCustomVector4All

( Script Manual Page )

Improved Features (v1.4.4)

- Slightly improved editor/in-game performance.

Fixed Issues

- An issue is fixed where the gizmo behaves abnormally when a keyframe is selected by moving the time slider after selecting an object in a frame without a keyframe in the animation editing screen.
- An issue is fixed where the keyframe rotation angle correction option was not applied in "Optimized Bake".
- An issue is fixed where objects rotated abnormally in sections where the rotation angle correction option was not set when keyframes with the rotation angle correction option were repeatedly played in Unity scenes.
- An issue is fixed where an error occurred when previewing an animation in the Inspector UI after adding an animation and Bake again.
- An issue is fixed where information about animation curves in the timeline UI was not updated normally when two or more common keyframes were moved to overwrite other keyframes.

Fixed Issues (v1.4.4)

- An issue is fixed where the button to register the selected control parameter to the timeline was disabled.

- An issue is fixed where the Physics modifier did not work properly when the scale or rotation of the mesh or child mesh group was not the default.

Developer Comments

AnyPortrait v1.4.3 is a version that improves issues found while using AnyPortrait in our other project.
We are constantly examining how effectively AnyPortrait can be used in actual projects.
We hope these improvements will help you in your creative endeavors.
Thank you!

Developer Comments (v1.4.4)

AnyPortrait v1.4.4 is a version that corrects urgent issues reported by users after v1.4.3 was released.
Due to our mistake, a part of the UI that is essential in the animation production process was disabled.
We apologize for not checking carefully.

We received a bug report about the Physics modifier and reviewed the entire code related to it.
In addition to the issues fixed this time, we will continue to check the Physics modifier further to find and improve any potential issues.
We would be grateful if you could give us your thoughts on this.​

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