Update Notes | v1.1.6



(Build April 19, 2019)

New Features

- "Timeline" of Unity is supported. (Related Page) 

- Option to limit the performance of the editor to prevent laptop overheating is added. (Related Page) 

- You can change the order of items in the Hierarchy UI. This function allows you to change the order of Root Units. (Related Page)

- Functions to play animation from a specific point are added. (Related Page)

- Functions to change "Sorting Layer/Order" targeting an optTransform are added. (Related Page)

Improved Features

- The speed of the animation can be adjusted according to the "Speed Multiplier" property of "Animator", and it can also be played back in reverse.

- Drawcall is not increased even when the Scale of the Transform is inverted by a negative value. (Related Page)

- When "Important option" is turned off, CPU optimization is improved more effectively. (Related Page)

- The design of Inspector UI is better than before.

- A button is added to register the Control Parameter to the modifier without pressing the "Record key button".

- You can decide whether or not the "Selection Lock" will be turned on when you start "Edit Mode" in the Settings dialog. (Related Page)

- The path where Animation clips are saved in Mecanim setting is changed to "Relative path".

- "Edit Mode" turned on when adding a mesh to the Physics modifier.

- If the signs of the scale interpolated by modifiers are different from each other, the value is changed discontinuously to not be through 0.

- When editing a modifier, the "Edit mode" is not forcibly turned off even if the value of a Control Parameter is changed.

- A button to duplicate an Animation event is added.

- A warning message appears when a child Mesh Group is associated with an Animation clip.

- You can select all vertices with Ctrl + A. (Related Page)

- You can copy animation keyframes with Ctrl + C, V. (Related Page)

- Animation curves can be modified in batch when multiple keyframes are selected. (Related Page)

- An animation curve can be copied to keyframes of all timeline layers.

- When you bake a character, a dialog appears asking you to change the scene's Ambient Color automatically.

- "Length of a bone" is added in bone setting UI.

Fixed Issues

- An issue where the logs are continuously output to the console when using some functions is fixed.

- An error which is occurred on Hierarchy UI is fixed.

- An issue where Unity stopped when docking the AnyPortrait editor to the Unity editor and turning Maximize on and off is fixed.

- An issue where an animation with "Once" type could not play normally from Animator is fixed.

- An issue where a portrait could no longer be opened when "Extra Option" targets bones is fixed.

- A problem where multiple keys could be created with the same value of Control Parameters is fixed.

- An error, which is occurred when a scene is switched or Unity editor is restarted with the AnyPortrait editor open, is fixed.

- An issue where Extra Option value is missing when copying and pasting the modifier key is fixed.

- An issue where FPS of animations are not apply properly when executing "Optimized Bake" is fixed.

- An issue where vertices are moved to the mouse position when the mesh was created by pressing the Ctrl key and selecting the nearest vertex is fixed.

- An issue where temporarily hidden meshes were forcibly shown when changing the value of a Control Parameter while "Edit Mode" was turned on is fixed.

- A problem that can not import a PSD file with invalid channel information is fixed.

Developer comments

- All video tutorials are complete. (Related Page)

- You can download custom actions for PlayMaker ™. (Related Page)

- The way is written solving the problem of increasing or decreasing colors when using multiple modifiers. (Related Page)

Long times have passed since v1.1.5 was updated in December 2018.

RainyRizzle team, which work hard since release, took a break in January and during that time completed the video tutorial.

We have made AnyPortrait support Unity's Timeline that we have not been able to develop for a long time.

The update also solved many optimization issues.

This update includes "an issue that Drawcall is increased due to inverted scale", "CPU optimization according to the Important option", and "the feature 
 of optimization for laptop users".

From the previous update, we received a lot of feedback from users, and we have made great efforts to improve the convenience and scalability of AnyPortrait.

However, we apologize for the inconvenience to users due to the delay of this update development period than planned.

We would like to thank those who gave us feedback and we will continue to improve AnyPortrait further.