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Update Notes | v1.4.5

(Build July 15, 2023)

Improved Features

1. New interpolation option for "Int" type control parameters

- The "Indexed" property to make animation not interpolate continuously is added. (Related page)

2. Improved usability of animation events

- The "Category" function is added to easily find animation event presets. (Related page)
- It is changed that Animation event presets are automatically sorted in alphabetical order.
- A button is added to create an event directly at the selected frame with the selected event preset.
- It is improved that the content of the animation event dialog is changed when the animation clip being edited is changed.

3. Improved animation UI

- The "Reset" button is added to the animation keyframe's properties UI.
- The "Paste" function of the property UI of animation keyframes is improved so that users can select specific properties when targeting a mesh. (Related page)
- The UI tab text is changed to "Control Parameter" for keyframes targeting control parameters
- When an animation clip is selected, the same type of timeline as the last selected timeline is selected as possible.
- The default color on the UI of the timeline layer is changed to be a bit brighter and clearer 
- The default color on the UI of the timeline layer targeting the bone is improved to be similar to the color of the bone.
- A slight flickering effect is added to the UI color of the selected timeline to make it easier to distinguish.

- Pressing the "Rename" shortcut key (default F2 key), the "Rename dialog" appears (previously, the name property UI is focused)
- "Save scenes after Bake" option is added to the Bake dialog. (Related page)
- The overloading of script functions that control the color, image or etc. of custom properties of mesh materials is configured to be similar to normal script functions. (Related page)
- It is improved to reduce small vibrations of vertices when "Pulling by touch" is implemented using scripts.- When "Root Unit" is selected in the editor, the order of animation clips on the right screen is changed to be the same as the order on the left of the editor.

Fixed Issues

- An issue is fixed where an error occurred when the GameObject created by Bake was arbitrarily removed and Bake has performed again.
- An issue is fixed where the screen was displayed strangely when the mouse was input while Gizmo or Timeline UI was showing
- An issue is fixed where an error occurred due to incorrect data being entered for unknown reasons when playing an animation with a script
- An issue is fixed where the key input was ignored once immediately after the dialog was opened by the shortcut key
- An issue is fixed where buttons were cut off in some dialogs on Mac
- An issue is fixed where the "temporarily disabled" of a control parameter or modifier did not be released even after the editing target was changed.
- An issue is fixed where the vertex physics calculation and Auto-Rig functions in the editor behave abnormally when the transform of the parent mesh group object of the mesh is modified.
- An issue is fixed where unintended timeline layers were selected when trying to select multiple timeline layers by pressing the Shift key after selecting keyframes.

Developer Comments

- Free demo version updated to v1.4.5. [ Download Demo ]

AnyPortrait v1.4.5 is a version that applies the contents we have discovered while using AnyPortrait for a long time and the contents reported by users.

Unlike the initial release, no critical issues are currently occurring, so we believe AnyPortrait is in a fairly stable state.

We hope that our continuous improvement work and support activities until entering the stabilization state have been effective for you.

However, the number of issues has decreased, so the update cycle has become somewhat longer.

We would appreciate it if you could consider this.

During this update, we completed the tool to build the "free demo version" that we have been putting off for a while.

Thanks to this, we are able to update the free demo file to the latest version and provide it.

We hope this helps those who are hesitant to purchase AnyPortrait.

Thank you!

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